Yael Zheng | Venture Advisor. Former VP of Marketing, VMware.

I have worked with Corduroy on several different video projects.  Though the projects vary in format, length, theme and other criteria, Corduroy has always delivered the highest quality of work.  Aside from the fact that they are really nice people to work with, there are several things that set them apart from other video production companies 1) they don’t try to sell clients the world and then deliver something else underwhelming.  If anything, they set very realistic expectations up front and over deliver. 2) they don’t have the principals to pitch clients, then leave the execution to junior staff.  You actually work closely with the principals who are seasoned professionals who come up with great creative ideas.  One of the recent projects we have completed with Corduroy was an animated video.  This comment from one of the sales engineers pretty much summarizes the reaction to the video “I am not sure that even Pixar themselves could have done any better. Great video!”

Yael Zheng | Venture Advisor. Former VP of Marketing, VMware.