STAKES Chosen as an Official Selection of the 9th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival

Last year Corduroy Media joined forces with director Brandon Mason and shot his short film “STAKES” in Birmingham, Alabama. Not only did Corduroy Media provide gear, but Carl Brown, Corduroy Media’s Executive Creative Director shot the film and assisted DP Joe Walker, a Birmingham Local. Last month “STAKES” premiered at the 2013 San Francisco Black Film Festival. Now, “STAKES” has been chosen as an Official Selection of the 9th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival (August 15-22), the largest short film festival in Los Angeles.



“STAKES” was written by Birmingham natives Brandon Mason and Lance Lyles, and was shot over the course of 5 days at various locations around Birmingham. Carl shot the film on Corduroy Media’s own C300 with Zeiss CP2 lenses. Achieving a big picture look on a small budget Carl kept the camera in motion utilizing the Indi Dolly, Dana Dolly, and Steadicam.


(Carl shooting STAKES with director Brandon Mason)

Mason cast a very talented crew for “STAKES”, led by Azur De as “London” and Tobie Windham as “Jeremy” including cameos by Ruben Studdard and Big Gen.


(Carl checking the production monitor while shooting Ruben Studdard for STAKES)


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