Los Angeles Still Photography

Los Angeles still photography produced by Corduroy Media

Corduroy Media’s still photography provides the powerful images that give your ideas a visual impact. We will work closely with you to create the striking images that fit your needs and drive home your message, your point of view, your story.  Our wide range of photographic styles can be tailored for corporate, commercial, or editorial projects.

Our photography work primarily consists of the following categories:

Editorial Portraits

Picture this: A well-muscled man kneels on a mat on the floor.  His eyes are closed.  His palms meet in prayer.  Down one leg of his pants reads the name of the prison where he lives. Using light to draw the viewers attention we captured the serenity on his face and the veins in his biceps. Shooting on location at San Quentin State Prison, we captured both stills and video to help tell a story about the impact of yoga on federal prison inmates. Time Magazine ran the story online and in the iPad edition.

Our editorial clients come to us from magazines, ad agencies, and non-profit organizations. They come with general ideas of their goals and their visions, and we help take those visions forward, guiding them from the pre-production phase (concept, planning, and logistics) all the way selection of the final images.

Lifestyle Photography

Picture this: A man and a woman sit next to a body of water at dusk. A skyline is lit up behind them, and their faces are bright with joy. We created this image (and 24 others) for a Visa promoting their elite credit card, Visa Signature.

Our lifestyle clients come from editorial and commercial markets seeking powerful images for their publicity and marketing campaigns.  From beginning to end we lead the production process. We develop the concept, the style, and the look. We scout locations. We cast the talent, and we shoot the scenes that result in images that reflect the authenticity, vibrancy, and brilliance of everyday life.

Corporate Photography

Picture this: A young man faces the camera. His confidence is captured with a subtle and striking pose that characterizes the vibrant energy of the company he works for.   The image was part of a national recruiting campaign produced for Kurt Salmon, a global management-consulting firm.  Shot in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta, the campaign “We Are Kurt Salmon” projected the company’s goal to attract the best and brightest from America’s top universities.