Creative Services

Corduroy Media is a Full Service Creative Agency in Los Angeles.

We’ve already told you the video content, still photography, and animation we produce in Los Angeles make powerful impressions. But what we haven’t yet confessed is that we have an obsessive focus on creativity. In our eyes, every idea is a seed. The good ones need to be nurtured, watered, and planted in exactly the right spot before they can take root, grow, and bloom. That’s our job, and we do it well. Bring us your idea, and we can help it grow through our concept development, creative direction, script writing, and storyboarding services.  We promise your project (whether it is video content, still photography, or animation) will blossom into something remarkable and impactful.

Creative Direction/Concept Development:

Here’s the thing:  You need us.  And you know why?  Because we don’t work in your organization!  We’ll be on your team, and we’ll be with you for the long haul, but our emotional objectivity gives us an edge in the creative process.

Besides, this is what we do.  We’re imaginative, inspired professionals who would love nothing more than work our creative muscles on your behalf.

So give us a call and let’s talk concept!


We’re big fans of this guy named Austin Kleon who wrote a book called Newspaper Blackout, in which he created poems by redacting newspaper articles with a permanent marker. That’s kind of like what we’ll do when we write your script.

We’ll start with everything you bring to the table: your ideas, your mission statements, reports, or whatnot. And we’ll redact, so to speak, until we have a clear, concise script that captures the imagination of your audience and clearly communicates the essence of your message and captures the imagination of your audience. In addition, we’ll create sample images, detailing style, camera moves, and graphic effects so you can begin to see a clear picture of how the script works with the visual content.


We’re visual people, and we know that in order to keep track of all the ideas thrown around during the creative process, it’s important to have something to look at. That’s what our storyboards are for.  We make them, and you get to tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you love.  And we’ll keep working on it until you tell us your head over heels.

Ultimately, we are here to achieve your vision. So give us a call, and let’s chat, laugh, and create.