Color Correction

Corduroy Media’s color correction services for film and video post-production…

Corduroy Media is a full-service video production company.  That means we’re equipped to help you with every part of your project. Whether we shoot the original footage or not, we’re more than happy to step in during post-production.

Color Grading:

Whether your project needs some serious gamma correction or you just want to create a consistent look and feel for a project that was shot on multiple cameras, we can help. We offer both primary and secondary color grading as well as “disaster relief” fixes.

Primary Color Grading:

Often times color grading or color timing is done in a two-step process. During the primary color correction stage, we will correct the color balance of your piece and make sure that all of the footage has a consistent look and feel.  We can also create a new atmosphere or vibe, using color timing for style, mood, or aesthetics.

Secondary Color Grading:

Secondary timing is where we get down to the nitty-gritty. We break down each shot into specific elements, modifying the lighting for emphasis or effect. This might be a reflection, a shadow, or a pool of light.

Providing a full range of production and post-production services, we are able to take our clients from concept to final cut.