Los Angeles Animation Services

Corduroy Media Animation Production in Los Angeles…

In addition to meeting your Los Angeles video production and still photography needs, our creative team can also help tell your story through motion graphics and animation. As far as we’re concerned, a story is a story, and although each one is different, in order to be told well, they all need to go through a similar process.

When we work with you to create your animation, the concept development process will be similar to what we do with our video production clients.  We want to know your goal, your projected audience, what kind of style and aesthetic you’re going for, and what kind of distribution platform you plan to use.

With Animation anything is possible, literally, which is why it is critical to lock each stage of the production process before moving on to the next. We start with a concept, create a script and decide on a look and feel. Once these are locked we move on to the storyboarding process. Only when we have completed each one of these steps of pre-production do we start animating. Some of our favorite animation programs are Adobe After Effect CS6, Nuke, and Maya.

Thinking about letting us help produce your animation project?  It might go something like this:

Initial Call:

We want to hear about your project.  So guess what? We’re going to talk to you on the phone.  That’s when you get to tell us what you have in mind. We’ll ask questions to help give us an idea of your budget, your timeline, your style preferences – all that.

Then, we’ll submit a proposal.  You’ll love it. And we’ll move on to the next step.


We’ll boil down the essence of your message into a clear, concise script that hits all the right points. We’ll also provide style options in the form of three frames.  You get to choose the one you like best for the creative direction of your animation project.


Once we get your feedback on the initial style frames, we’ll create a storyboard so you can see what we have planned for each frame, camera moves, and narration, and all.  This is the part where you save time and money. It’s less expensive to make changes during the storyboarding process than it is during production.

Final Piece:

Once you’re all excited about what you see on the storyboard (and we know you will be), we’ll create an animation for review. Yes, we did just say it’s less expensive to make changes during storyboarding, but don’t worry. We budget for a couple rounds of changes before we deliver your final product. On deadline.

And that’s that.

Unless of course you want take us out to coffee once your animation goes viral.  We’ll put it on the calendar.

Three style frames created for the international non-profit, NESst-




Storyboards created for Tintri











Final Piece for Tintri