Wareham Development: LBNL Emeryville/Berkeley Documentary

Documentary, Video

Wareham Development: LBNL Emeryville/Berkeley Documentary

Clients: Wareham Development

Production Services:

  • Color Correction
  • Graphics
  • On Location Photography
  • Post-Production Services
  • Pre-Production Logistics Planning
  • Production Crew & Equipment
  • Soup to Nutz


Competing to develop a new East Bay lab for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Wareham Development wanted to tell the story of why their site was the best through a 10-12 minute documentary.


There is never a dull moment working with the Executive Team from Wareham development. They needed a high production value documentary in less than ten days. We hit the ground running with simultaneous crews out shooting b-roll and interviews while another crew worked around the clock on post-production. We interviewed everyone from Emeryville mayor “Nora Davis” to Chiron founder, Ed Penhoet Ph.D.

Director’s Notes:

“This was a very challenging project. We had to cover a huge scope, create and capture tons of elements in a very limited time. My job ranged from script editing to directing voice over talent at Fantasy Studio, operating as DP on interview shoots and working with the editor and animator to direct post-production. A lot of fun, a lot of work, very little time – we always love a challenge. ” – Carl D. Brown

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