Skype: Tony Bates Profile

Corporate, Video

Skype: Tony Bates Profile

Clients: Microsoft • Skype

Production Services:

  • On Location Video Capture
  • Post-Production Services
  • Production Crew & Equipment

<h2>Need:</h2><p>Microsoft needed an A and B-Roll package for broadcast to explore questions the industry had raised about their recent acquisition of Skype.</p><h2>Solution:</h2><p>Originally Microsoft simply wanted an A-Roll, or interview, with Tony Bates and Corporate B-Roll Package of the Skype facilities in Palo Alto, California for Broadcast. After photography was complete, Microsoft asked Corduroy Media to edit both A-Roll and B-Roll into a short doc style promotional video for web-broadcast. We were happy to oblige.</p><h2>Director’s Notes:</h2><p>”While we always like to have a very clear idea of what our final product, the fact is, sometimes priorities change or shift somewhere in the middle of production. When this happens, we do whatever we can to meet the needs of our clients.” – Carl D. Brown</p>

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