Feline Pines: Cats Against Clay

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Feline Pines: Cats Against Clay

Production Services:

  • Location Scouting
  • On Location Video Capture
  • Post-Production Services
  • Pre-Production Logistics Planning
  • Production Crew & Equipment
  • Soup to Nutz
Client: Feline Pine | Concentric Marketing

Solution: As a part of a national commercial advertising campaign Concentric creative Kent Gilbert contacted us to produce and film a mock protest in the heart of Berkeley California. Feline Pine had launched a viral campaign in which “cats were protesting the use of clay cat litter.” We needed to bring that fantastic concept to reality on screen. The plot was that cats, fed up with clay cat litter, had forced their owners to dress up in full sized cat suits and take to the streets in protest. To get their message out the cats were behind the camera and had hired a freelance reporter to cover the event.

Director’s Notes: “Wow… This was an incredible project. After several weeks of location scouting and logistics planning Kent and I settled on Civic Center Park in downtown Berkeley to hold our protest. We had 4 lead cast members, another 8 background cast and 100+ extras. We had rented every cat costume in 50 miles and had three additional ones hand made. With three camera crews and support and yours truly on a bull horn it felt less like a viral video and more like an independent feature film shoot. We captured our key talent and background doing improve skits all over Berkeley. This not only gave us some great “real life” footage but spread the word around town about our afternoon protest. The result was a short documentary about a real-life event that was just crazy enough to happen in Berkeley.” – Carl D. Brown

Video Credits

Kent Gilbert: Executive Producer, Creative Director
Carl D. Brown: Producer, Director
Blake Bogosian: Editor

Camera Operators: A: Lynton Vandersteen, B: Sean Donnelley, C: Michael Coleman Sound Tech: Owen Bissell Production Assistants: Johnny Carroll, Russell Stewart, Michael Harris, Joe Rich

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