Clorox: Tonya Pays it Forward

Documentary, Video

Clorox: Tonya Pays it Forward

Clients: Clorox • Crush Pictures

Production Services:

  • On Location Video Capture
  • Post-Production Services
  • Production Logistics
  • Story Direction


Getting ready for their annual sales meeting the Clorox Cleaning Division needed a short documentary film to introduce the “new consumer” to their sales team. Their message was simple, after the last 3 years of recession and with no major relief in site consumers buying habits have changed.


Clorox didn’t want just another sales video. They wanted to tell a real life story with real characters that would be presented to the conference as a surprise after the film. They selected to profile a stay at home mother of three and her husband that have been providing for their family while continuing to give to charity after job loss and a 20% reduction in income. The end result, a powerful and moving short film about real people that have continued to give to others through their own financial calamity.

Director’s Notes:

“This video was a lot of fun to make. This is the first project that we produced for Clorox and the first time we worked in with Crush Pictures, both were great. Myself and a small crew flew out to Atlanta to capture this story. Once there we had less than ten hours to capture all of the elements we needed. We had to work efficiently and received great help from the Knight family, Clorox and Crush Pictures.” – Carl D. Brown


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