Cancer Hope Network: Season 1 Racing

Documentary, Non-profit, Video

Cancer Hope Network: Season 1 Racing

Clients: Cancer Hope Network • Season 1 Racing

Production Services:

  • On Location Video Capture
  • Post-Production Services
  • Pre-Production Concept Development
  • Production Crew & Equipment
  • Production: Creative Direction


Approached through one of our corporate clients, Rusty Carter had a personal story to tell. Having a father with prostate cancer he started a triathlon team called Season 1 Racing to raise money for cancer awareness. Having a measure of success at attracting new athletes, he wanted a fundraising video to help raise money for The Cancer Hope Network.


Although we completed photography in a single day, much of the work on this project was in pre-production. We knew that we needed the right story structure to illicit an emotional response without making the viewer feel like they have been set-up to open their pocket-book. We had Rusty fly his father up from San Diego and revealed through the story that not only had he receovered from cancer but now races along side his son and best friend, Rusty.

Director’s Notes:

“I am very proud of this project. Simple in design and execution – it tells an honest story with heart. Rusty and his father were a pleasure to work with and grateful for the opportunity to be able to tell their story. It has been fun to watch how this video has help Season 1 Racing get the message out.” – Carl D. Brown

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