Editorial Lifestyle Photography: Visa, Los Angeles

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Editorial Lifestyle Photography: Visa, Los Angeles

Clients: VISA

Production Services:

  • On Location Photography
  • Post-Production Services
  • Pre-Production Concept Development
  • Production: Creative Direction


Visa needed twenty-five editorial lifestyle photographs to promote their high end credit card, Visa Signature. Corduroy Media was asked to provide photography services throughout Los Angeles , which included casting models, on location production, and post-production. You can read a case study about this assignment here.


The Corduroy Media team went into overdrive to make this editorial photography project successful. We needed to cast thirty-six models for twenty-five scenes in ten locations over three days. We ultimately got a hold of restaurants and wineries in Sonoma, beaches in Marin, and business in Berkeley for our locations, and poured over thousands of headshots during casting. We then crafted our light carefully and worked with our models to make sure our scenes came off natural and aesthetically strong.

Photographer’s Notes:

“This sure was a crazy schedule, but it turned out to be a blast. Working with such a variety of models, locations, and scenes made me confident that our team can tackle any project our clients throw at us.” – Sean Donnelly

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