Sean Donnelly

Sean Donnelly – Assistant Director

Partner, Producer, Photographer and Camera Operator

Easily distracted by shiny objects, Sean has been afflicted by a rare form of E.O.P. ,Enhanced Optical Perception, from a young age. Learning to cope with his hyper-sensitivity he discovered that by capturing these visions through photography his condition becomes manageable. As long as he keeps shooting he is able to function in  society seamingly unafflicted.

Sean Donnelly is a photographer, video producer, and camera operator based in Oakland, California. Armed with the eye of a visual artist, training of a journalist, and experience of a storyteller, Sean brings a fresh approach to portrait photography and video production in the Los Angeles and Los Angeles. He is a regular contributor to, and has worked in media outlets across the country, including MSNBC, The Oakland Tribune, and The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Sean was also selected as one of the 25 under 25: Up and Coming American Photographers by The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. When not shooting you can find Sean surfing, hiking, camping, or hanging out in Oakland warehouses with the area’s vibrant industrial arts community.

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