Andrew Kaluzynski

Andrew Kaluzynski – Editor

 Cross-eyed from birth, Andrew struggled as a teen to fit in. A theater major in college, he found unexpected relief one afternoon quietly editing a recent taping of the schools modern rendition of “A  Mid-Summer’s Night Dream.” While editing, using a 2 monitor system, his vision not only straightened out but actually became enhanced. Since discovering his life work, and a community that truly appreciates his unique gift,  he has pursued a celebrated career sitting in front of computers in dark rooms.

Andrew Kaluzynski joined the Corduroy Media team in 2011. He is an Editor and Associate Producer living in the Los Angeles East Bay.  Since receiving his BA with a focus in Visual Media and Performance at Bennington College, Andrew has worked as an Associate Producer, Assistant Editor and Field Sound Tech on Moira Productions Film’s Jim Thorpe: The Worlds Greatest Athlete and Original Minds, Assistant Editor on Connecting the Dots’ Heist: Who Stole The American Dream?, and, most recently, Editor of Wendy Elkin’s Painting Bolinas which is an official selection of the Santa Barbra International Film Festival and will be appearing on Public Television in the Fall of 2012.

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