Television and Web Broadcast

Good storytelling has always been the cornerstone of compelling film and video production. At Corduroy Media we take time to craft every script to meet the needs of each unique show. We have  a proven track record of creating content for national broadcast and web distribution.

Last year we received a call from producer, Liz Nord. She asked us to work with her at MTV, producing a weekly show for web and television broadcast. We were to create a documentary style news show covering social and political issues facing young people in California for MTV’s Choose or Lose Campaign.

Over the next ten months we produced over 35 shows all across the state, covering issues from immigration and poverty, to education and healthcare, to job training and green technology. MTV  trusted us to handle all aspects of production, including shooting, editing, compressing and publishing. We also produced each show, including script and show concept development, scheduling key interviews, and arranging all logistics for shoot days.

After ten-months of hard work, the campaign received it’s first Emmy Award. We reached millions of young people with stories about their peers getting involved and making a difference in their own communities. Our content was published on-line on by the Associated Press on over eighteen hundred syndicated video players and several of the shows were broadcast over the Viacom network. These channels included MTV, MTV 2, MTV Tres, MTV U, and VH1.

As digital storytellers, we pride ourselves in our ability to create web and television broadcast content that engages and motivates a unique and diverse audience. While this campaign was a lot of work, it allowed us to do what we do best: create compelling video content from concept to final cut.

To view a selection of shows from the Choose or Lose Campaign please visit the broadcast section of our online portfolio.