Lifestyle Photography

We love to make striking, visually dynamic images that tell stories. Our team is passionate about creative lifestyle photography, from coming up with concept and location scouting to the energy of exciting shoot days.

Visa came to Corduroy Media for a package of creative lifestyle photography because our striking, visually dynamic images tell stories.

Picture this:

We were in the studio, editing a project when the phone rang.

We answered.

Visa (yes, Visa) wanted 25 lifestyle scenes with 36 models in 10 locations.

And we had three days to shoot.

What happened next happened in a blur of sudden activity.  We assigned tasks and went into overdrive.  We sifted through thousands of head-shots and scouted locations to photograph in Los Angeles, Marin, Sonoma, and the Bay Area. Then there were permits to organize, schedules to coordinate, and concepts to develop.

Next, it was time to shoot.

Our shooting schedule was tight, with about 30 minutes per scene. Lucky for us, our experienced team kept things organized on the back end so Sean Donnelly, our still photography lead, and Carl Brown, our director, could focus on creating the vibrant, dynamic images Visa expected from us.

Each of the 25 scenes depicted a facet of the good life: children flying a kite; diners enjoying an evening out; a woman receiving a massage. The images would be used to promote Visa’s high-end credit card, Visa Signature, on the web and in print.

In the end, we delivered for VISA! 25 creative lifestyle photographs for use across many platforms.