Educational Documentary Production Services

In 2004, while working on 2nd Verse, our first feature length documentary, we met Dave Yanofsky, who was at the time the Executive Director of non-profit organization Just Think. Dave is a really cool guy, and apparently he liked us, too.

For the next several years, we worked with Dave at Just Think, teaching filmmaking workshops to youth.  We also helped him develop a multimedia curriculum package called Flipping the Script, which provides teachers and youth leaders a specific curriculum on how to use hip-hop as a teaching tool.

In 2009, when Dave moved on and took a position as Director of Media and Youth Development at ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career, he brought us with him. We didn’t have to think twice when he asked if we’d help him create a series of educational documentaries to support their standards-based curriculum.  This series, he said, would be designed to introduce students to a variety of career fields while preparing them academically for college.

We’re proud to say we found the subject for the first documentary:  a practitioner of Chinese medicine.

In the end, we created over 20 short films for the ConnectEd series.  The stories range from A Day in the Life pieces focusing on careers such as Swat Team Member or Emergency Room Nurse, to Career Portraits, which highlight individuals working in the fields of Medicine and Science. Each one provides young people inspiration for their own futures as well as an understanding of the skills and education needed to enter various fields.

While we get great satisfaction from all our projects at Corduroy Media, our work on the ConnectEd Educational Documentary Series gives us a special pleasure.

Ultimately, we started Corduroy Media because we saw the power media (specifically film and video) has to educate thousands, even millions, of people simultaneously. We knew that not everyone had access to the video production tools needed to unlock this power, and we wanted to create a company that empowers all people to tell their story.

It’s partnering with clients like Dave that allows us to achieve that mission.