Corporate Video Production

Our fresh approach to corporate video production in Los Angeles provides our clients with broadcast quality High Definition videos to meet all their needs…

…for everything from corporate b-roll for TV and cable news broadcast to internal videos for training and fundraising.

When we got the call inquiring about our corporate video productions services on behalf of Solyndra, a large solar start-up, we jumped on it.  We would have three days to shoot, produce, and deliver a high-quality promotional video highlighting their fabrication facilities in Fremont. And we would be the first-ever video crew to shoot in any of their clean-room fabrication facilities.

Need we say we were honored? We were!

We got that first call on a Saturday afternoon.  On Monday morning, the Corduroy Media team met up with a handful of Solyndra’s people at one of the Fremont facilities. After a short meeting, we got crackin’.

There we were: three guys, a 40-foot camera crane, and 3 giant fabrication facilities. It was the kind of ridiculous scope and timeline we are used.

Thirteen hours later, we had great shots of three Solyndra facilities, including some exteriors of an impressive roof-mounted solar array.  Lighting with a pair of 2k, daylight balanced Arris and using two 1k Arris with colored gels, we developed an almost ethereal aesthetic out of a highly mechanized environment – or client later referred to it as “engineering porn” – needless to say they were pleased.

We drove back to the studio exhausted, a little sunburnt, and excited for the post-production process.

Our all-day editing session took place the following day and included mainlining coffee with the occasional sesame bagel doused in cream cheese.  By 5:00 p.m., we posted the video (and its original music track – produced by Subjunctive Sound) for Solyndra’s review.

They loved it.

A few tweaks later, we had a final cut.

That Wednesday morning, we met Ben Bierman, Solyndra’s Vice President of Global Operations, and personally handed him the master DVD of the project at the airport bound for a fundraising meeting on the east coast.

Six months later, Solyndra hired us for an additional shoot.  They were set to launch publicly and needed a custom package of video assets delivered in just a couple of weeks. Needless to say we were up for the task.