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Still Photography Shoot for O’Lover Hats

Still Photography Shoot for O’Lover Hats

We must confess that when our Los Angeles Video Production and Still Photography company, Corduroy Media, produced a commercial photography shoot for O’Lover Hats, we found ourselves obsessed with our ringflash.

But let’s go back a couple of steps.

It started with a call from O’Lover Hats founder, Elwyn Crawford whose Cali-based company was preparing a line for Goorin Brothers Hat Shop and needed some images. We chatted with her for a bit, and left the conversation with a concept in our pocket:

Urban. Bold. Graphic. Styled.

We chose an industrial setting for the location, and Yulia Zakomornya and Chaize McKenney as our models. We’d worked with Yulia on the Visa shoot last winter, so we knew she’d be amazing.  Turned out Chaize was, too.

So, yeah, as we were saying, we’re found ourselves obsessed with the ringflash as our key light up.  For the first set we used it up high and pointed down, along with the octabox at 1/4 ratio for fill, another octabox at 1/2 power for edge, and a hard light with a flag to get the sharp shadow on the wall.

We knew the hard light was a risk, but we wanted the grit and some of the shadows.  We made sure to fill in the shadows with a softer light source and to use powder to keep Yulia’s and Chaize’s skin looking perfect.

For the next set, we moved across the street and used a wall that displayed the shadows of power lines. It added a great graphic element for us to work with. We moved Yulia and Chaize into full sun, filling in the harsh shadows with. . .

. . .yup, our trusty ringflash.

All in all, it was a beautiful day, and while in the end, we did get a couple of shots without that ringflash, it really was the perfect tool for the job.












Alvin Garrett Music Video Shoot

Our Los Angeles Video Production Company, Corduroy Media, did in a single day what should have taken three days – when we hooked up with director Brandon Mason on the new Alvin Garrett music video “Never Gonna Find.”

Our day began at 5:00 a.m. when three of us (Carl, Sean, and Andrew) loaded our gear into Doug (our faithful grip/camera van) and hopped in for the two and a half hour ride up the shoot location – a sleek and sexy modern house way up on the Northern California coast – somewhere above Jenner, if you know where that is.

We didn’t waste any time once we’d arrived.  We started shooting immediately (despite our queasy stomachs from the winding road), and we shot straight through the next 16 hours, save for a short lunch break.

We’re talking interiors, exteriors, performance shots, narrative storylines, all the drama and romance of a good R&B music video.  And to get the job done, we used just about every single tool Doug had carried up for us.

Brandon has a ton of experience shooting music videos, and he wanted to master at 720p in order to take advantage of shooting all of the narrative scenes slow motion. Recording at 48 frames a second we got a smooth and silky picture that could be sped up in post to hit real time or left as is for actual slow motion. He also wanted a super crisp image with plenty of room in post to color, so we shot with our new Canon C300 on CLog using Carl Zeiss Compact Primes.

We finished shooting around 11:30 p.m., and only then did we realize how tired we were.  Brandon’s experience shooting and editing music videos kept us open and engaged. Alvin’s endless supply of energy was contagious, even late into the night, and Falizitas Cipolla performed on take after take after take.

Alvin Garrett music Video “Never Gonna Find” from Corduroy Media on Vimeo.

Shooting all over California can make for some late nights and long drives. After we wrapped we drove straight to the Oakland airport to catch a 6am flight to San Diego for our next gig…

And yeah, we were a little loopy by the time we got to San Diego, but did we mention that we’d just done in one day what should have taken three?

We wish Alvin luck as he moves forward in his career, and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for a chance to work with Brandon again soon.